Apple's new iPhone won't support 4G or WiMAX (report)

The next iPhone may introduce a lot of features to the line, but 4G or WiMAX support won't be one of them.

Though the launch of Apple's next iPhone is less than an hour away, most of the phone's details are still under wraps.

But The Wall Street Journal is putting to bed one uncertainty: According to those in the know, Apple's next phone won't feature support for 4G or WiMAX.

While that's not too big of a surprise, it is nice to see that Apple is probably putting concerns over battery life and general performance and design over the allure of next-generation connectivity. 4G and WiMax are nice, sure, but their penetration is far from ubiquitous and, from Apple's standpoint, probably not worth investing in at this point. iPhone 6 perhaps?

The big question is, will not having 4G speeds hurt the sales of the next iPhone? Considering that there are a lot of people that think that their current iPhone runs on a 4G network, I'm not all that concerned.


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