Apple's new MacBook Pros: thinner, lighter, cheaper, faster

The company's high-end laptop models get a refresh. Here's a look at the new specs.

Photo courtesy Apple

Apple on Tuesday announced a refresh of its popular MacBook Pro family of laptop computers, installing new processors and graphics in each model and doing away completely with lower-resolution displays.

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The 13-inch model is lighter, at 3.46 lbs., and thinner, at 0.71 inches thick. It will have Intel's "Haswell" fourth-generation processor and Iris graphics, which together allow for up to nine hours of battery life, Apple global marketing SVP Philip Schiller said. It will only be available with the company's "Retina"-branded display.

The 13-inch model will start at $1,299—slightly less than the $1,499 of the previous model.

The 15-inch model does not have new dimensions, but it includes updated innards—including Intel's "CrystalWell" processor and Iris Pro graphics. Together, that allows for up to eight hours of battery life, Schiller said.

The 15-inch model will also have the company's "Retina" display, and will now start at $1,999, rather than the previous $2,199.

Both models will carry OS X Mavericks, the latest version of the company's desktop operating system, and are available to order today.