Apple's next MacBook Air may come in black

Apple's upcoming MacBook Air refresh may be joined by a black version of the computer.

Could Apple's upcoming MacBook Air refresh be coming in black? That's a new rumor from MacRumors, which says that multiple tipsters have pointed to Apple taking the ebony route with the next MacBook Air. Of course, there's no confirmation of the rumors, but if they do hold true, it would be the first time that the MacBook Air will come in a color other than silver.

Similar to the way Apple offered the black 13" MacBook, the black MacBook Air would be priced slightly higher than its silver counterparts.

Rumblings about Apple's next MacBook refresh have been popping up fairly often over the past few weeks. Most indications point to an announcement from Apple later this month - just in time for the July release of OSX Lion.

But is a black MacBook Air something people want? As anyone who has ever owned a black gadget knows, they don't exactly deflect grease and grime.


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