Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion features Twitter, no Facebook

Apple is once again choosing to integrate Twitter into one of its operating systems. Facebook does not get a mention in OS X 10.8 Mountain. Does this mean it won't make it into iOS either?

Apple today gave OS X Mountain Lion, version 10.8 of its desktop operating system, to developers. Like iOS, it includes Twitter integration, while Facebook is left out in the cold.

Here's the relevant excerpt from the features section of Apple's OS X Mountain Lion Sneak Peek:

Twitter Tweet right from your apps. OS X Mountain Lion keeps you on top of all things Twitter. Sign in once and you're all set to start tweeting — and you don't have to leave the app you're in. Tweet links and photos directly from Safari, iPhoto, or Photo Booth with the new Tweet Sheet. Tweet comments and add locations. And when someone mentions you in a tweet or sends you a direct message, you'll get a Twitter notification right then and there.

There's also the developer API, according to Mountain Lion for Developers:

Share Sheets Share Sheets make it simple for users to share links, photos, and videos directly from your apps. Users can share content through Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Messages, Mail, AirDrop, or you can even add your own share destination.

Facebook was supposed to be integrated into iOS 4. Cupertino wanted to code its own Facebook features because it lacked confidence in Menlo Park's ability to build a great app, so it built the social network into its mobile operating system. Facebook said no and negotiations broke down. Apple then went with Twitter in iOS 5.

Now, it looks like Apple has extended its relationship with Twitter to its desktop OS. Facebook, meanwhile, still isn't part of iOS nor OS X.

The iOS-Facebook saga is one of three episodes which demonstrated a strained Apple-Facebook relationship (the other two are related to Ping and the HP TouchPad). The partnership between the two technology giants started to turn around last year, however, possibly because the duo shares a mutual enemy: Google.

Facebook gave Apple quite a boost in 2011, including an official iPad app and the Facebook Platform for Mobile. I've speculated before that 2012 might be the year Apple returns the favor with some iOS integration but this developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion makes that seem even less likely.

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