Apple's percentage of enterprise device count surges

According to a survey, 35 percent of companies say Apple represents 25 percent or more of user devices.

The percentage of Apple devices in the enterprise has more than doubled in three years as nearly 20 percent of businesses support more than 1,000 devices from the iPhone maker.

The findings come from a Dimensional Research survey of more than 300 IT leaders. The survey was sponsored by JAMF Software, which specializes in Apple device management. JAMF has predictably pointed out that enterprises have trouble supporting Apple devices.

But directionally speaking, Apple's enterprise presence is only growing stronger. To wit:

  • 60 percent of respondents support more than 100 Apple devices

  • 29 percent support 100 to 500 Apple devices

  • In 2011, 67 percent of companies said that Apple accounted for less than 10 percent of user devices. In 2014, 68 percent of companies say Apple devices are more than 10 percent of the total

  • 35 percent of companies say Apple represents 25 percent or more of user devices

  • User preference was the primary business reason for supporting Apple

  • 68 percent of companies expect that Apple devices will increase about 25 percent over the next three years.

For a company that allegedly isn't targeting the enterprise, Apple is doing pretty well. What will make Apple grab even more share in the enterprise? Focus.

apple ent 1
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And signs seem to indicate Apple is paying more attention to the enterprise. Consider last week at WWDC, Apple execs outlined:

Apple's Cook launches frontal assault on Android: Does the argument hold?

  • Bulk app buying at a discount — something businesses would want 

  • A device enrollment program

  • Increased security and hooks into third-party document providers

In addition, Apple regularly touts enterprise traction with the iPhone and iPad. You can also bet that CEO Tim Cook's jabs at Android security are at least partially intended for CXOs with tech budgets.

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