Apple's Siri now works with Citrix Receiver

If you've been wondering if there was any way to pair up Siri with virtual desktop mobile apps, the time is now.

In a boost to the enterprise and business side to the iPhone 4S, it appears that the Siri voice recognition software can be used with XenApp hosted apps.

Citrix rolled out a new mobile application SDK this week for building or adapting windows apps to look like native mobile apps.

Basically, these programs run in the data center but can utilize all of the local functions of the smartphone so long as Citrix Receiver is installed on the device. Those functions include the GPS navigator, the camera, and making phone calls.

Thus, it also includes Siri. For example, users could speak out emails that are then translated into text and sent with encryption for added security.

Interested iPhone 4S users can can download the free Receiver, register for a DemoCloud account and try it out. For a closer look at how Siri works with Citrix Receiver, check out the video below: