AppNeta customer profile - large international bank

A large international bank discusses how it uses AppNeta's network monitoring, alerting, data captures and reports to reduce the impact of network problems.

William Edwards, Senior Network Analyst at a large international bank, was kind enough to take the time to answer questions about how his company is using AppNeta's Path View Cloud service. I appreciate him taking the time to fill us in on why the company selected AppNeta and the benefit it is receiving through the use of its cloud service.

Please introduce yourself and your company

My name is William Edwards, and I'm a Senior Network Analyst at large international bank.

What were you doing that needed this type of technology?  

When I first started using Path View Cloud (PVC), I was beginning our proof of concept for a 6 Class of Service model.  I was in need of technologies that could validate its function by flooding the lower classes with traffic while preserving the higher classes, customization of types of traffic sent (UDP, TCP, RTP), and have it report on the results.  I found that all with this product.  I was able to adjust PVC for various test cases and clearly explain the results.  Also, in our branch campuses, I am now able to view LAN based activities, including VoIP and have them report back centrally.

What products did you consider before making a selection?  

We use many other great products to fulfill our Global Network Management Framework.  But when looking for a product to aid us in monitoring Path Metrics I think we made the right choice.  I would say AppNeta has been able to establish a niche for monitoring these KPI's and were able to show us statistics we could not see before.  I find them very useful to help me do my job more efficiently.  On top of that they were able to do this at a competitive price.

Why did you select this product?    

To state it simply; WAN path metrics from end-to-end.  PVC comes with many other cool features, but this is the reason it was selected.  This was the KPI we were missing in our Network Monitoring Framework, and we now have a complete well rounded model to cover all of the metrics that we want to see.

What tangible benefits has your company gotten through the use of this product?  

Ease-of-use, well rounded features, and the specific in-depth views into data and real-time path metrics make it an all in one package for us.  Monitoring, alerting, data captures and reports are some of the main features that we are taking advantage of and have been able to save costs by resolving problems faster.  My favorite feature (besides data captures, just because it's cool to do them remotely) is that we're able to have a LAN view at our sites.  In the past, we've traveled the country to troubleshoot potential LAN problems at our many different locations, and we've spent a lot of time and money to do so.  Now, we're able to troubleshoot these problems remotely by using a PVC microAppliance.  All in all, we've made troubleshooting quicker, which is exactly why this industry needs these types of advancements in technology.   

What advice would you offer others?    

If you're in need of a product to cover WAN path metrics and remote LAN based traffic.  PVC will fill that gap.  Don't forget the remote LAN functionality to do remote captures so you can see what types of traffic users are over-using on your network.