AppNeta offers User Satisfaction Dashboard

If a mix of monitoring, scoring and presenting application performance data in a dashboard appears helpful and useful, AppNeta could be the right choice for you.

AppNeta dropped by to introduce the company's new User Satisfaction Dashboard (USD). The goal offering a deep understanding of web application performance by integrating and scoring application performance across the entire application transaction, and aggregating performance results from the application code, real-user monitoring and synthetic transaction monitoring.

Monitoring and scoring performance metrics

AppNeta's USD uses an industry standard application performance index, Apdex, to score and then display key performance metrics of web or cloud-based applications. The tool has the ability to monitor all of these applications and offers the capability of doing in-depth monitoring of Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby applications. AppNeta says that its product makes it possible for IT administrators and developers to gain "Application performance insight and diagnostics from the code, through the network, to the end user."

AppNeta full stack APM

AppNeta's APM is made up of four components that, in the company's words, offer "deep visibility into where app performance problems are occurring and why."  These components are:

  • TraceView — offers code level application performance monitoring for Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby applications. Developers can look at code execution issues and relate them to application performance

  • AppView — A synthetic transaction monitoring tool that offers network insight into applications that reside in a virtual machine or are hosted or cloud-based

  • FlowView — a network traffic analysis tool that is aware of many applications and can help administrators or developers understand network performance and resource utilization by application

  • PathView — provides network routing analysis

User Satisfaction Dashboard

AppNeta's newest addition to its product offers a quick view of user experience from three different perspectives including:

  • How the application back-end is performing

  • Real User Monitoring to show end-user performance

  • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring to show how applications are performing compared to normal baselines

AppNeta is striving to make it possible for organizations to understand who is using their applications, whether applications are available and performing well, and what end-users are experiencing in terms of application performance.


In any given year, I speak with representatives of 20 to 25 different suppliers that are focused on helping organizations monitor and then make sense of what is happening with all of the elements and resources that make up important applications.

For the most part, these suppliers are offering one or more of the following approaches:

  • Build management into everything — each supplier, of course, wants their own tools and frameworks built in and don't always play well with those offered by others.

  • Install agents everywhere that gather operational data and forward it elsewhere for processing and analysis

  • Follow network traffic and tease out operational data for systems, databases, application frameworks, applications, networks and storage

AppNeta, like the others, uses various forms of "network sniffing" to determine what is flowing over the network and the performance of different type of network transactions. AppNeta also offers tools that make it possible to look down into the code of Java, .NET, PHP, Python and Ruby applications. So, if a certain approach to handling the conversation between client systems and back-end processes is causing unnecessary delays, AppNeta's tool can highlight where the issues are originating in the code itself.

If the organization is using custom, locally developed applications or is using access and application virtualization tools, such as those offered by Citrix, VMware and Microsoft, AppNeta believes its tools can help keep things performing well.

If this mix of monitoring, scoring and presenting application performance data in a dashboard appears helpful and useful, AppNeta could be the right choice for you.