Apprenda platform aims to keep developers focused on productivity

Apprenda's new "plug-and-play" PaaS stack is designed to keep developers focused on apps, not IT.

Apprenda is rolling out the latest version of its open Platform-as-a-Service stack, which features a new twist.

Apprenda 3.0 has been designed to offer customers a "plug-and-play" approach as it enables enterprises to offer a self-service .NET cloud platform on top of Microsoft Windows infrastructure for completing mission critical applications and workloads.

Enhancements seen in the latest version of the Apprenda platform can be broken down by the three following principles:

  • More manageability: Users can customize which services of the PaaS are offered to specific developers. A provided example is "slice policies," which can be created for each individual application that allows for the management of resource limits and usages. Thus, the system makes room for allowing other applications to take advantage of excess capacity.
  • Support for other platforms: Apprenda 3.0 supports nearly all .NET web or SOA applications. Enterprises can use Apprenda on top of the Windows infrastructure they already use.
  • Productivity: The PaaS offers developers access to APIs for distributed caching, publish/subscribe systems, message brokering, and application metering. The idea is to keep developers focused on strategic code and away from "tactical heavy-lifting."

Thus, the core idea is that developers should keep the focus on building apps to solve company problems rather than having to deal with IT problems. This solution is available starting today.