Arbor Networks, Cisco collaborate on DDoS protection

The two companies are combining their portfolios to better protect the enterprise against DDoS attacks.


Arbor Networks and Cisco are teaming up to provide the enterprise with new DDoS mitigation solutions.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks remain a popular method for hackers to disrupt company operations, and as technology evolves, DDoS has grown in power and scope. According to the firms, the size of DDoS attacks has grown 4,900 percent in the past 10 years, peaking at 400Gbps last year.

As a growing threat which can disrupt and take down websites, reject traffic and cost the enterprise in both lost revenue and expense in shoring up networks, the enterprise often looks for third-party suppliers of solutions to mitigate these threats.

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Announced last week, Cisco and Arbor Networks have joined forces to tap into this market. The new solution combines Arbor's Peakflow DDoS mitigation technology and Cisco's ASR9000 Aggregation Services routers.

Arbor's Peakflow technology combines real-time reporting of network traffic, services and applications with protection for dual-stack IPv$ and IPv6 infrastructure across traditional computer networks, virtual deployment and mobile devices. Cisco's ASR9000 Aggregation Services routers are scalable routers with high single platform density, low power consumption and virtualization capabilities to accelerate IPv6 services.

Deployed at the edge of enterprise networks, the firms say the new solution allows clients to "detect and mitigate DDoS attacks at the network edge, keeping bad traffic off the network, and enabling the efficient delivery of IP-based services to businesses and consumers."

Arbor Networks said in the announcement:

"With attackers leveraging the reflection and amplification capabilities of DNS servers, and protocols like NTP and SSDP, DDoS attack size is exploding. DDoS attacks in the hundreds of gigabits-per-second can place a significant burden on even the largest provider network.

By working with Cisco to embed our DDoS mitigation technology within the ASR9000, these customers can mitigate DDoS at the edge of their networks, freeing up capacity for legitimate traffic and services that are the future of their business."

This month, Cisco announced the launch of a new Internet of Everything center in both Sydney and Perth. The network equipment manufacturer plans to invest $15 million over five years in the project.


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