Archbishop Carey bemoans ' society'

Spirituality before technology urges the Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey criticised the values of Britain's "dot.coms" as over concerned with power, success, fame and money in his Easter Day sermon Sunday.

Carey hit out at those in Britain still in the grips of Internet gold-rush fever saying, "We are so often seduced into believing that all that matters are things like power, success, fame and money." He warned that these aspects of our " society" are, "transitory, paltry thing when compared with the ultimate things of the spirit."

Carey, however, added that the qualities of today's increasingly technology driven culture, "should not be despised. But they should always take second place."

Carey also said that Christian values are of growing importance to such a technology worshipping culture and said that Christians not to be afraid by such a godless society.

This is just the latest attack launched by the church on technology and in particular the Internet. The Archbishop of York also recently took a swing at "computer wizardry" and "the dangers of the Internet" in an earlier sermon.

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