Archos' G9 tablets get release date, priced starting at $300

Archos G9 tablets may not be the prettiest things, but at $369, that may not matter.

Archos' pair of G9 tablets now have a release date: this September.

Revealed back in June, the Archos G9 tablets come in two varieties, the 8-inch 80 and the 10-inch 101. Archos is pricing the 8-inch version at $299 and the larger of the two at an iPad price-busting $369.

Only thing is, the tablets look pretty goofy. WIth their square screens and strange bezel-inside-bezel design, the G9's main hurdle may be its fairly unattractive exterior. Likewise, there is also the perennial issue over the less-than-ideal build quality of Archos devices in general. But, still - $369.