Are we going to end up like Sarah Meyers (the cast & crew of our own live TV shows)?

There's no shortage of people putting video on the Net. But, if Justin.

There's no shortage of people putting video on the Net. But, if Justin.TV had his (its?) way, all of us (all 6.6 billion of us) on the planet would probably be like Sarah Meyers; a one person live Internet-based television channel (where she's both cast and crew) distributed on the Justin.TV "cable system." Justin.TV isn't a cable system but it might as well be one as it amasses more broadcasters who have crafted themselves after his one-man style.

And, as more broadcasters do the one-person cast/crew thing, the likelihood that you'll randomly bump into someone doing it is going up. That's what happened to me at Startup Camp in NYC where I stumbled upon Sarah Meyers (of who was here, pointing a video camera at herself from arms length with a Shure handheld microphone velcro-attached to the strap (near her mouth) of her backpack which contained a notebook computer with extra sensitive antennas so that her feed could be broadcast live over the Internet via a CDMA EVDO connection (I didn't ask which provider she was using, but Sprint and Verizon Wireless are the two EVDO providers).

So, what else was I to do but point our camera at Sarah while she was pointing her camera at herself? Check out the video.