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Are you the master of your data?

Data-driven business strategies, including the use of predictive analytics, empower organizations to be more efficient and competitive.

The world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day, and 90 percent of all of it has been produced in just the last two years. Data is the currency of the digital era and it can be the fuel of your modern business.

New data capabilities are empowering businesses to get routine tasks done faster and smarter, while delivering predictive powers that can help them leap ahead of the competition. With the right analytics, organizations can also generate insights to inform innovative product development or even disrupt existing business models and industries.

But are you the master of your data or does it master you?

A Microsoft Asia Data Culture Study showed that 88 percent of business leaders in Asia agree it's important to have an agile data-driven business. However only 43 percent believe they have a full digital strategy in place.

One of the most common barriers cited was a lack of digital skills in the workforce (36 percent). To build a data-driven company, every single person must have the ability to ask the right questions, analyse data and drive actionable insights.

One way to grow a new data culture is to democratize data through technology so that more can access and make decisions in ways which create value for your business.

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