Are your cloud plans in synch internally?

A recent survey shows midmarket businesses have mixed feelings: a majority of business-side executives are "believers" while IT managers are less certain.

Although it's a subject that gets less coverage than cloud security or reliablity concerns, internal battles over who should control the strategy for business applications and services served up via cloud services providers are another factor that tends to get in the way of their deployment.

Some new data from cloud services provider Evolve IP, representing a survey of 1,100 midmarket companies, underscores the point: while 70 percent of the C-level executives at those companies consider themselves "cloud believers" just 55 percent of the IT managers describe themselves in the same way, according to the results.


It probably won't surprise you to hear that the companies where there were more high-level "believers" tended to have a higher number of cloud services in place than average (3.1 hosted services versus 2.5 services for the average company). Those who were "unconvinced" had fewer (1.3 cloud services).

Approximately 75 percent of the respondents are planning to take on new or additional cloud services in the next three years, the survey shows.

"The survey data reflects what we see in our business every day," said Guy Fardone, general manager and chief operating officer of Evolve IP, commenting on the results. "Most organizations already have at least one hosted service running, but not everyone in the organization is in complete alignment regarding putting all of their services in the cloud. Executives want the cost and disaster avoidance benefits while security, privacy and compliance are some initial barriers brought up by the managers responsible for implementation." 

The most likely infrastructure or applications that will go the cloud route? The top priorities are servers/data centers, Microsoft Exchange, co-location and backup, phone systems, and Microsoft Office.

Generally speaking, the data is another reminder that the role of IT manager is evolving quickly. Is it time to get your own team in synch with your company's cloud services strategy?

Approximately 76 percent of the respondents to Evolve IP's blind Web-based survey (conducted in May and June 2013) were from companies with between 50 and 5,000 employees.