Argentina scores with WiMax

Alvarion has landed a coup with its uncertified WiMax kit, which will soon be serving broadband blackspots in South America

Telecoms operator Millicom Argentina is rolling out a high-speed wireless network based on Alvarion's BreezeMax equipment.

The network, which will begin construction in September, will be used to provide broadband access to urban and rural zones as well as underdeveloped areas that currently lack cable or ADSL services. It is expected to be the first deployment of WiMax in South America.

"The WiMax technology will enable real wireless mobility. In other words, it will give us the freedom to use our laptops or PDAs to access the Internet or transmit voice with greater capacity and better quality of service than other current options”, said Luis Galli, general manager of Millicom Argentina, in a statement.

BreezeMax isn't a certified WiMax platform, because the WiMax standard itself hasn't yet been formally certified.

As ZDNet UK reported last month, Alvarion has admitted that it may have to modify the BreezeMAX system if it turns out to be incompatible with the final WiMax specifications.

BT is thought to be the only company that is actually testing WiMax in the UK, with four trials running in rural areas. Alvarion a likely supplier of the kit for these trials, but both companies have refused to comment on any potential partnership.