ARM unveils toolkit for students learning how to program

ARM has revealed the Embedded Education Kit, a low-cost toolkit for teaching embedded systems design and programming concepts.

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ARM has unveiled a toolkit for university students who wish to learn embedded systems design and programming.

Announced on Thursday, the British semiconductor company said the ARM Embedded Education Kit will give students industry-level experience and training before entering today's programming industry.

Khaled Benkrid, manager of the university program at ARM, said the new kit will allow both students and teachers to meet "real world challenges," and by using the same hardware and software platforms that professionals use while learning, students will be able to "fast-track to a rewarding career."

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The company says the kit — tailored for students, teachers, researchers and developers — contains everything required for a full complete embedded systems design and programming curriculum. Expanding upon the ARM Lab-in-a-Box product announced in early 2014, the ARM Embedded Education Kit contains:

  • Hardware boards (ARM Cortex-M4 processor based LPC4088 QuickStart Board and LPC4088 Experiment Base Board from Embedded Artists and NXP)
  • ARM Keil MDK-ARM Pro microcontroller development suite software licences
  • Teaching materials including lecture note slides, demonstration code and hands-on lab manuals for four embedded system courses: "Efficient embedded systems design and programming," "Rapid embedded system design and programming," "OS design" and "DSP," which teaches students about digital signal processing techniques.

Anders Rosvall, technical director of Embedded Artists said in prepared remarks:

The hardware platform that we have created for the ARM Embedded Education Kit series gives students and professionals a quick start in learning, experimenting and prototyping embedded systems. We are supporting this innovative product with additional hardware to enhance the user experience even further, including graphical displays and IoT related communication hardware.

The kit costs less than €20 per student.

Earlier this week , ARM rolled out a new series of Mali graphics processors designed for handling mobile gaming and video with lower power consumption.

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