ARM: You think our servers are good now? Just you wait

During its earnings presentation Cambridge chip designer ARM expressed confidence in future servers based on its technology, alluding to new designs that will be integrated

ARM is confident that servers based on its chips will get ever more capable as partners begin using the company's latest chips designed for enterprise workloads, rather than for mobile phones.

During its earnings presentation in London on Wednesday ARM chief executive Warren East noted that the leader of the server pack for ARM chips, Calxeda,  has based its technology on a mobile-focused design.

ARM A15 chip
ARM believes future servers based on its technology will be even better than those at present. Image credit: ARM

"[But] bear in mind this first Calxeda silicon is Cortex A9-based — a core we developed very much with mobile in mind," East said. "When you put the server infrastructure around a core designed with servers in mind -– Cortex A15 or even ARMv8 — then you can see more [performance]."

Calxeda published figures in June that demonstrated its ARM servers had a 15X performance per watt advantage according to the ApacheBench benchmark, when compared with Intel Xeon E3 workloads.

"We're very pleased with the [Calxeda] progress," East said. "The data that's coming out suggests that all the experiments we did before and all the simulation has been proven in silicon."

Confidence in networks

Along with this, ARM also noted in its earnings that it had seen more growth in the use of its chips in networking products, such as Freescale's.

"I'm very encouraged by the reception that our customers' customers are providing to ARM technology in this space," East said. "I don't see why we can't have a very large share of this space.

"The power efficiency benefits of ARM.... apply just as well to this networking space as they do to mobile computing."

ARM's chief financial officer, Tim Score, increased the company's expected profit range from around £60m to around £65m for the next quarter. ARM reported pre-tax profits of £66.5m for the quarter.