Artisoft eyes Lantastic future for NT

Peer-to-peer networking specialist Artisoft said this week it will release a Windows NT 4.0 version of its flagship Lantastic product.

Lantastic for Windows NT will connect peer networks running Windows NT 4.0, or a mix of Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, OS/2 and DOS. It will be available from mid-1997 at a price to be confirmed.

"Lantastic for NT has 35 levels of security so the network can be as complex or as easy and open as you want," said Artisoft UK's general manager Rob Aherne. "It has also grown to incorporate parts of other products from the acquisitions we recently made," he added. The companies are CTI firm Stylish Innovations; remote communications developer Triton Technologies; and Synergy Solutions, a modem-sharing software vendor.

Artisoft can be contacted by telephone on 01753-842200.