Artist creates geeky decor from e-waste

Our electronic waste is piling up - why not sit on it?

Technological advances and an increasingly reliance on electronic systems has left its mark. We are now inundated with a vast amount of electronic waste.

An estimated 50 million tonnes of e-waste is produced each year by 'developed' nations, who then need to find areas in which to remove surplus, unrecyclable waste products. This, in turn, can lead to electronic waste leaving ports illegally to be dumped overseas for developing nations to have to deal with.

That is where one innovative artist has stepped in with a new method of reusing this waste material.

Chilean artist Rodrigo Alonso has turned electronic cables, keyboards, motherboards and wiring in to limited edition seats for the consumer who wants some unusual decor for the family home.

E-waste has been transformed in to a variety of seating by hand, set with epoxy resin (admittedly, not very eco-friendly), and on some models cast aluminium.

The seating -- set blocks of electronic waste cast within a resin base -- is then affixed with short, supporting legs, making the designs movable around a home. The collection currently on offer follows the same basic seating shape, but includes a variety of different color 'sets', from a grey theme to bright reds.

The artist is now selling the seating under the name 'N+ew'. It stands for 'No More electronic waste', and the art collection is supported by Recycla, a Chilean recycling innovation organisation.

(via Inhabitat)

Image credit: Rodrigo Alonso

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