Asana beefs up collaboration tool set with Organizations debut

Just in time for May Day, Asana is looking to foster more collaboration in the workplace with a community revamp.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Being that it is May Day (the equivalent of Labor Day in many parts of the world), it might be an appropriate time to introduce a product designed to ease up workloads.

Asana, which produces a task management for teams, is beefing up its collaboration tool set with the introduction of Organizations.

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Organizations is partially an upgrade from the existing workspace platform combined with new functions aimed at IT professionals supporting these communities.

Asana operations manager Kenny Van Zant explained in a blog post on Wednesday that the idea is to support collaboration across teams within an company -- rather than keeping all of those tiny pools of employees in separate boxes.

When we talk with bigger teams using Asana, we find they share common themes. The first is that they have multiple different teams working together, each doing their own work, but depending on each other in important ways. The second is that there are more people who are in multiple teams – especially management – who need to see across those teams at the same time. The last theme is that they often have dedicated IT professionals supporting them, with security and data access requirements.

Basically, new users and/or companies that sign up with Asana can create teams within an Organization. Membership to these teams can be made public, by request, and invite-only.

On the IT side, admins can configure security settings, manage user access, and centralize billing processes.

Asana Organizations being rolled out to all current customers starting today. Previous users will also be able to merge their existing Workspace communities into the Organizations mold.

Image via The Official Asana Blog

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