Ask the experts: How to develop a Big Data strategy in Brazil?

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Big Data and advanced analytics have suddenly become a buzzword for any organization that realizes the value of the data it generates. It has also become a priority and the board wants to see results. But where should organizations begin?

The market for data analytics in Brazil is is growing so fast that it should pass the $1bn mark by 2017. But understanding the real potential of these tools applying them successfully to businesses is still a big question mark to many decision makers worldwide and that is also the case in Brazil.

In situations like these, it is important to get good advice before making big investment decisions. With that in mind, we have designed a three-month education program to give you access with subject-matter experts in Brazil - business leaders and advisers that have been there and done that.

As well as giving you a direct link to those who know about Big Data, Mastering Business Analytics presents exclusive case studies and provide insight on the current issues and opportunities of the Brazilian market.

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