AST spawns new Ascentia notebooks

Beefing up its mid-power notebook offerings, AST today added the Ascentia A multimedia notebook to its P and J ranges.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Ascentia A41 (£1,900 + VAT) is a 120MHz Pentium-based machine with 16Mb RAM, 1Gb hard drive, 32-bit graphics card, six-speed CD-ROM drive, 1Mb video RAM, 16-bit audio with stereo speakers and 11.3-inch TFT screen.

A separate model, the Ascentia A42 (£2,400 + VAT), has a similar specification but offers a 12.1 TFT monitor. Both models come with pre-installed software including Windows 95, Puma TranXit infra-red printer software, ConnectSoft e-mail software and a CompuServe starter kit.

AST also extended its J series with the Ascentia J20 (£1,500 + VAT), a 100MHz Pentium-based notebook with 11.3-inch dual-scan display.

AST can be contacted by telephone on 0181-587 3000.

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