Asthmapolis sensor tracks asthma triggers

Asthma meets its match in a Madison startup.

Image via Asthmapolis

Asthma, the respiratory disease that affects millions of Americans, may have met its match in a Madison, Wis. based startup. Because everyone suffering from asthma has different triggers that result in symptoms of varying severity, identifying those triggers could be a good way to reduce future attacks. Asthmapolis claims to do just that.

The group has developed a sensor that clips on to the top of an inhaler and collects data on when and where you use it. It synchs with a smartphone mobile app so it can give feedback and help users track their symptoms and triggers--like outdoor allergies, air pollution, and tobacco--to help manage their asthma better.

Right now it's only available through a free trial program, but it's a device that may become commonly used in the future. The one question that arises, however, is how much can someone really do once they've learned these triggers? Is someone with a job and life in New York City supposed to move because air pollution really aggravates their asthma?

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