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Astropad for iPad Pro creates a large drawing tablet for many Mac OS X creative apps

The innovative iOS mirroring app comes to Apple's large tablet and Pencil so you can run Photoshop and other drawing apps wirelessly on the iPad Pro.

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This past February, Astropad launched for iPads, allowing artists to use Photoshop and other desktop tools on their tablet with a stylus. Now that Apple's iPad Pro is available, complete with a native Pencil, Astropad arrives on the large slate.

Astropad for iPad Pro launched on Monday for $19.95 in the Apple iTunes App Store; bear in mind that the iOS software requires a Mac computer as well though.

That's because Astropad itself doesn't run Photoshop and the like. Instead, the software acts as a wireless mirror of such OS X apps on an iPad. And it does so quickly: You'll get 60 frames per second when using Astropad to view and interact with Mac OS X drawing apps.

The secret sauce is Liquid, the low-latency networking tech that keeps Astropad for iOS connected to your Mac. The company says there's just 12 milliseconds of latency with Astropad, compared to 32 milliseconds with Apple's own AirPlay. That may not matter for watching videos, but it's important when it comes to drawing.

And that's really what Astropad is all about: Creating visuals on a tablet without compromising on the application side. Here's a video look of Astropad "running" Adobe Photoshop from a Mac, where you can see it's near real-time.

Aside from iPad Pro support, Astropad now works with the Apple Pencil, which joins a growing list of support styli: Fifty Three's Pencil and others from Adonit, Wacom, Adobe Ink and Hex3 also work with the app.

Clearly, Apple has focused much of its iPad Pro marketing dollars on those who draw for fun or for a living. Astropad is smartly following suit by bringing its improved software to digital easel's everywhere.