Asus forms healthcare alliance to lift cloud biz

Taiwanese PC maker is collaborating with local business partners to launch a cloud-based healthcare platform for various mobile services such as electronic health records.

Asus has formed a healthcare alliance that will help it expand its portfolio of cloud services and applications.

The alliance, co-launched with Taiwanese medical group Show Chwan Health Care System, comprises more than 10 members in the technology, telecommunications and medical sectors, said Peter Wu, CEO of Asus Cloud, according to a report by Central News Agency (CNA) Wednesday.

Asus Cloud will build a cloud-based healthcare platform in the first quarter of 2013 to introduce mobile services such as electronic health records and remote health consulting services, Wu revealed.

With the new healthcare platform, the alliance has set the target of acquiring one million local users by end-2013, he added.

Asus said last October it plans to build three more data centers worldwide by early next year to meet increasing demand for cloud services from users. It currently provides cloud services to 10 million users worldwide, adding the number of users and data stored on its cloud services have increased substantially over the last two years.