Asus reveals next-gen quad core Transformer

Asus' quad core Transformer makes an appearance at All Things Digital Asia in Hong Kong, gets primed for roll-out this November.

Asus reveals quad core Transformer. Image from WSJ's All Things Digital

Asus reveals quad core Transformer. Image from WSJ

Of all the new gadget sightings happening at All Things Digital Asia in Hong Kong, the one that I'm most excited about is the next-gen Asus Eee Pad Transformer, also known as the Transformer Prime according to CNET Asia's Crave blog.

I had an inkling a new version of the popular Android tablet must be on its way when retailers like Newegg were bundling it with the keyboard dock just a couple of weeks ago. Given the details that All Things Digital is reporting on the new Transformer though, I think I'll get over the current-gen pretty soon.

This new 10-inch Transformer will be powered by a Nvidia Kal-El quad core processor that is energy efficient enough to last 14.5 hours on battery. Not only is it promising amazing performance, the slate also comes with USB and mini-HDMI ports so it should be as functional as the current Transformer.

Clearly, the new Transformer shares the same high-end good looks as the recently launched Zenbooks (Ultrabooks UX21 and UX31). At just 8.3-millimeters thin, it no longer has the textured back of its predecessor, which could make this tablet more prone to fingerprints and scratches but even more portable to travel with.

Although Asus Chairman Jonney Shih did not reveal many other details about this next-gen Transformer this morning (will it run Android Ice Cream Sandwich, for example), he is expected to formally unveil the device on November 9. Who knows, maybe it will make it to retailers in time for this holiday, after all.

[Source: All Things Digital, CNET Asia's Crave Blog]


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