Asus unveils two sustainably designed laptops for business executives and students

At CES, Asus drops two new laptops that have sustainability and durability at the forefront.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Two new Asus laptops on a blue background
Image: Asus

Asus has unveiled two sustainably created laptops that meet the needs of two entirely different audiences -- business executives and K-12 grade students. Both the Asus ExpertBook B9 OLED and the Asus BR1102 series are designed to be reliable, durable and sustainable laptops that meet each individual group's needs. 

The ExpertBook B9 OLED provides business executives with an extremely portable, ultralight 14-inch laptop. It's made out of premium magnesium-lithium alloy, the lightest metal on the planet, which provides its lightweight and durable design, according to ASUS.

Despite being lightweight, the laptop still delivers the features necessary for an executive, including 64 Gb of memory, a 13th Generation Intel Core vPro processor, a smart cooling system, Windows 11 Pro, and multiple layers of security. 

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Because the pandemic transformed the workplace and made video meetings part of the new norm, the laptop includes an improved webcam, speaker and microphone to sustain high-quality video calls. 

Lastly, to ensure comfort after spending long hours using the laptop, it comes with an OLED display with a 16:10 aspect ratio and 90% screen-to-body ratio that provides vivid color, low blue light emissions, and a touchpad that is 26.8% bigger than before, according to Asus. 

Asus B9 on a scenic background

Asus ExpertBook B9.

Image: Asus

The Asus BR1102 provides students with a military-grade durable, rugged 11.6 inch laptop that is meant to withstand the everyday wear that child use could inflict. Some of the laptop's reinforcements include a spill-resistant keyboard, a scratch-resistant exterior, and a wraparound rubber bumper. 

The laptop is also equipped with features to enhance child learning, such as Windows 11 Education, a 12th Generation Intel Core processor, ten hours of battery life, high-speed connectivity, webcam shield, and more. The laptop is available in both a traditional clamshell design and a 360-degree convertible form. 

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Both the ExpertBook B9 OLED and Asus BR1102 are equipped with efficient energy usage to reduce their carbon footprint and are built with more sustainable supply, manufacturing and materials practices in mind, according to Benjamin Ye, Asus Computer International president. 

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