ASX issue hits website, markets unaffected

The Australian Securities Exchange's website came back online at 12.08pm AEST following a morning-long outage from a cause that has yet to be determined.

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) website for market trading information and company announcements suffered a four-hour outage this morning from a cause that has yet to be determined.

The ASX said there was an issue noticed at 8.20am AEST this morning, with the internal database that sends information to the ASX's public website. For the public, the website said it was down for maintenance.

An ASX spokeswoman said that the issue did not disrupt normal market trading or company announcements.

The site came back up at 12.08pm AEST, and the ASX spokeswoman said that announcements are now up to date, and an investigation will be conducted into what caused the outage..

"At this stage, ASX is confident it is an internal technical issue. ASX regrets the inconvenience caused to customers that use its website," she said.