At $50 and with a Facebook button the HTC Status may do well

HTC is launching the HTC Status Facebook-focused smartphone next week and I think HTC may have something here with a device centered around a very popular service.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Back in February at Mobile World Congress, HTC announced a couple of Facebook phones and one was named the HTC ChaCha. I thought the name was dumb so I was happy to see them launching it as the HTC Status on AT&T since that at least focuses on the main purpose of the phone that Facebook fans can definitely relate to. Emil posted all the specs and details on the HTC Status.

I had a chance to spend a few minutes with the HTC Status and it seems to be a great front facing QWERTY device with a solid feel that reminds me a bit of the T-Mobile Dash and Dash 3G that I used and enjoyed. Facebook is well integrated into the device and is context-sensitive so when you take a photo the device makes it easy to upload directly to Facebook. There are currently over 750 million active Facebook users so I have to think this will appeal to quite a few who enjoy sharing on Facebook.

The HTC Status runs the latest version of Android and with a launch price on 17 July of $50 with a $15 data plan option this has the potential to be an excellent feature phone replacement. I know most parents of my soccer team are on Facebook and as that service becomes more popular phones that focus on such services have definite appeal.

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