AT&T launches government-specific cloud storage offering

The communications company said the security-heavy storage offering helps ease the cloud migration process for federal agencies.

AT&T has beefed up its government cloud portfolio with a security-heavy storage offering that the communications company said helps ease the cloud migration process for federal agencies.

AT&T describes the Synaptic Storage as a Service (STaaS) for Government as a multi-tenant community cloud that features many of the services available within its commercial cloud storage offering, but with additional levels of security needed for highly regulated government agencies.

The company is touting storage separation as a key security measure throughout the STaaS offering. The storage towers will be physically separated within the data center, and government customer data will have its own logical cloud to ensure it never exits with commercial data.

AT&T is also instituting two-factor authentication for government agency customers, as well as a separate cloud portal partition.

"Federal agencies want the mobility, collaboration, information sharing and efficiency that cloud offers but they can't afford to adopt cloud solutions that sacrifice performance, reliability and above all, security," said Kay Kapoor, president of AT&T government solutions, in a statement. "Our new STaaS for Government offer delivers the key attributes Federal buyers require and allows them to move to the cloud with ease and confidence."