AT&T offering 4GB tethering, Mobile Hotspot Feb. 13

AT&T has promised to double its tethering cap from 2 to 4GB but the clincher is that it will release a mobile hotspot app just like Verizon's -- but only for Android. For now anyway.

Isn't competition grand?

In the run up to today's viPhone launch, AT&T started switching unhappy customers back to unlimited data on their iPhones. Now AT&T is doing even more to entice iPhone customers to stay.

AT&T has promised to double its tethering cap (from 2GB to 4GB) -- effectively leapfrogging Verizon's comparatively weak 2GB cap. (Dear Verizon: time to match!) But the clincher is that AT&T will release a mobile hotspot app just like Verizon's.

Jack Rowland breaks it down:

Yesterday AT&T announced that their Mobile Hotspot Android app will be available on Feb. 13 for select Smartphone customers, beginning with the launch of the HTC Inspire 4G. Because they know the hotspot feature will lead to an increase in data use per account, they also are doubling the cap on tethering from 2GB to 4GB, at no extra charge.

So, to compare:

  • Grandfathered AT&T iPhone users will pay $30/month for unlimited data plus $20/month with 4GB tethering -- for a total of $50/month.
  • New AT&T iPhone users will pay $45/month for its "Data Pro plus" plan with 4GB of data shared between the iPhone and tethering.
  • Verizon Wireless iPhone users will pay $30/month for unlimited phone data usage (including tethering) plus an extra $20/month for 2GB hotspot usage -- for a total of $50/month.

If you don't need the hotspot feature but you do need tethering, you can save some serious cake by going with Verizon's $30 unlimited plan -- which includes tethering and costs $15-20 more per month on AT&T.

Sadly, AT&T's mobile hotspot app will only be for Android when it launches on February 13, but how long can it be before it comes to the iPhone?


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