AT&T reports record number of iPhone activations

AT&T seems to be having a busy day today. I wonder why?

Wondering why you can't activate your brand new iPhone 4S? Or maybe you think Apple's new shiny thing is going to be a flop because it didn't live up to the blogosphere hype?

AT&T seems to be having a busy day today:

October 14, 2011 As of 4:30 pm ET today, AT&T had already activated a record number of iPhones on our network - and is on-track to double our previous record for activations on a single day.

I'm hearing from a lot of people who have got an iPhone 4S in their possession but who can't activate it. My advice is something that's easier to dish out than to take ... patience!

Note: I'm hearing from iPhone 4S owners that Verizon activation are happening pretty swiftly.

Here is a photo of the queue of people waiting for the iPhone 4S at the George St Apple Store in Sydney, Australia:

Image credit: Beau Giles