AT&T, Samsung announce partnership in connected car Drive project

AT&T Drive continues to gain momentum as more companies invest in the future of the connected car.

AT&T has added new applications and partners to the Drive studio in order to develop technology for the connected vehicle industry.


Announced on Tuesday at the annual AT&T Developer Summit, the US carrier announced the availability of five new applications for the firm's connected car platform, AT&T Drive. The new apps, ranging from remote diagnostics to audiobook streaming and live radio, are now available for auto manufacturers to integrate within next-generation connected cars.

Developers of the apps include AetherPal, Audiobooks, Dash Radio, eventseeker and Glympse.

The AT&T Drive studio is a 5000 square-foot facility in Atlanta, CA. The research center focuses on connected car technology, which is rapidly becoming a new avenue for technology companies ranging from app developers to chip designers. AT&T Drive opened in January 2014, and since this time, has signed up a number of corporations interested in pooling their specialties to propel the development of connected cars forward.

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The center includes garage bays, speech labs, a showroom and conference facilities, and apps developed for AT&T's Drive platform are showcased in the facility.

Samsung is the latest player to join the scheme. Through the AT&T-Samsung sponsorship agreement, software solutions provided by the South Korean electronics giant -- including IMS services, handsets, tablets and wearables -- will be made available for integration with the Drive platform.

Speaking at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, CEO of AT&T's mobile and business solutions Ralph de la Vega said "The new, refreshed thought is not that software is eating the world, but mobile is eating world."

With this in mind, it is more important than ever that today's main technology companies, including Samsung, explore ways to remain competitive. While both Google and Apple have developed infotainment operating systems for connected vehicles -- Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto -- Samsung's focus on mobility could prove to be a source of profit, especially if the firm's technology becomes ingrained in the early stages of the connected vehicle industry.

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In November, electronics giant LG also joined the AT&T Drive fold, lining up with companies including Qualcomm, Ericsson, iHeartradio, Jasper and Accenture.

The AT&T Drive portfolio includes AT&T's global SIM, bifurcated billing, voice recognition, and 4G LTE network. US chipmaker Qualcomm is also part of AT&T's Drive project, an important player as our vehicles take on software and connectivity which requires powerful processors working in the background. Qualcomm's offering is the Snapdragon processor range.

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