AT&T to axe $10 texting plan, pushing new customers to go unlimited

Calling the move a "streamlining" of its texting plans, AT&T's changes are hardly a deal for its customers.

AT&T is making some big changes to its texting plans for new customers. And you won't like them.

It begins with a jettisoning of its $10 texting plan, which offered users a thousand texts a month for a flat price. In its place, AT&T is offering new customers two alternatives: a $20 (or $30 for families) unlimited texting plan or a pay-per-text plan. Neither is a particularly good deal.

But the move is probably the biggest issue for the average texter. Not prone to texting enough to justify an unlimited plan, these middle-of-the-road customers text often enough that paying 20 cents per message isn't the best option either.

The changes begin August 21st, so if you were some reason planning to become an AT&T subscriber, you may get on that soon to lock yourself into the old plans.


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