AT&T's LTE upgrades coming this summer, starting with Texas

Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, and Atlanta will be the first to get the network upgrades in AT&T's Texas-centered LTE launch.

With Verizon making good on its own LTE promises, AT&T is finally starting to do the same.

This summer, AT&T will begin the LTE upgrade of its network with five cities - Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Following the initial push, AT&T aims to bring the upgrades to ten more markets, aiming to cover 70 million Americans by the end of the year.

But what devices will those Americans be using? AT&T isn't saying just yet, though the company did say that 20 4G-ready devices would make their appearance this year. Some of those, the company says, may even be LTE-compatible.

And if you are wondering why Texas is so well-represented in this first batch, your answer likely lies in the fact that AT&T calls the Lone Star State its home. Likewise, AT&T Mobility is headquartered in Atlanta. What better place to launch the next evolution in your network than in your own backyard?

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