AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II outed in leaked images, features sliding keyboard

AT&T's version of the Galaxy S II has leaked, and with an interesting addition: a slide-out keyboard.

With Samsung finally getting around to announcing a U.S. release date for its highly-popular Galaxy S II, it was only a matter of time before images of the phone leaked. And that time has arrived.

The first victim is AT&T, which had its version of the S II leaked to BGR earlier today. Likely named the Attain, the AT&T Version of the S II features an unlikely - and potentially game-breaking - addition: a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It's at the the moment unknown why Samsung  and AT&T decided to go this route with the AT&T version, but it was likely AT&T wanted to differentiate its version of the phone from those heading to Sprint and Verizon. Or it just wanted a decent slider phone to call its own, as AT&T currently has none of those.

Fortunately, the device does not seemed to have bulked-up too much with the addition of the keyboard, nor has much else on the device changed in its transition to AT&T. But its still a strange move, and likely one of the factors involved in the S II taking so long to reach the U.S.

Expect the S II in August.