Athlon gets a new motherboard

Soyo Computer releases Motherboard designed specifically for AMD's new 800MHz processor

One of Taiwan's largest motherboard manufacturers Soyo Computer, on Monday gave Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) yet another boost with a new product designed for the chip designer's recently-introduced 800MHz Athlon processor.

The SY-K7AIA motherboard has a single Slot-A socket for AMD's K7/Athlon CPU, the AMD-750 chipset and the 200MHz system interface. Its ATX form factor board supports all Slot-A AMD CPUs of 500MHz and faster.

It includes three 168-pin SDRAM 3.3v DIMM sockets, supporting a total of up to 768MB of memory. The board also supports PC 100 DIMMs, and provides Error Correction Capability (ECC).

Expandability comes from five 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots, two 16-bit ISA slots (one shared ISA/PCI slot) and one AGP slot with support for AGP 1x/2x graphics.

AMD is the largest competitor to dominant chipmaker Intel. The company introduced its 800MHz Athlon at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

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