Atlassian set to launch HipChat for Apple Watch

Atlassian is set to launch its HipChat service for Apple's new smartwatch, with the company's co-founder and co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes, saying that he wants the hosted private chat service to be available 'everywhere'.

Atlassian is set to launch its HipChat hosted private video and chat service for the new Apple Watch, with the company announcing this week that its iOS 8 update for the platform will work on the new smartwatch revealed this week by Apple.

Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes revealed yesterday that the Australian enterprise collaboration software company would next week release an update to its HipChat service for the latest Apple mobile operating system, iOS 8, set to be launched on September 17.

"We want to put HipChat everywhere, and mobile is critically important to that," said Cannon-Brookes in his keynote presentation at the Atlassian Summit 2014 user conference in San Jose, California, this week. "HipChat iOS 8 mobile client will be launched next Wednesday, along with the iOS8 launch. 

"The HipChat team has been working extremely hard over the last 23 hours, and I'm proud to say that HipChat will also work on the Apple Watch," he said. "I guarantee you, we will be there. We're not quite sure — there's no SDK, and no watches yet, but ... apparently a lot of the iOS code that we've run will work wonderfully."

Cannon-Brookes also hinted that the company may eventually develop HipChat's video tool to be an alternative to Skype.

"The only time I open Skype nowadays is when I have to do an interview with someone externally, so we'll be solving that shortly," he said. "Watch this space."

Cannon-Brookes, whose company acquired HipChat in 2012, said that Atlassian has introduced group chat, file sharing, and unlimited integrations to the platform over the course of the past year.

"HipChat is now completely free for as many users in your organisation you want to put on HipChat, for group chat, file sharing and all integrations." he said.

The company also announced this week the enterprise-aimed beta release of its Stash datacentre Git solution, along with the launch of its JIRA Service Desk 2.0.

Atlassian revealed that it increased its annual revenue by 44 percent to $215 million, compared to last year's result of $149 million.

The company said it also added 9,000 new customers over the course of the year, opened offices in Manila, Philippines, and Austin, Texas, adding over 300 new employees to its ranks in the process.

By its own estimation, Atlassian now claims around 1,000 employees worldwide, and more than 40,000 organisations as clients.