Attitudes towards cloud computing among various ages

Why people use cloud computing18-2930-4950-6465+It is just easy andconvenient.56%52%50%37%I can access thisinformation fromwhatever computer I amusing.51423419I can easily shareinformation with others.45383927I won’t lose thisinformation if mycomputer fails.35353418Source: Pew Internet Project

Why people use cloud computing 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+
It is just easy and
56% 52% 50% 37%
I can access this
information from
whatever computer I am
51 42 34 19
I can easily share
information with others.
45 38 39 27
I won’t lose this
information if my
computer fails.
35 35 34 18
Source: Pew Internet Project
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