Auckland Transport taps HP for big data project

An ambitious project will focus on public safety and delivering more efficient transport, HP says.

Auckland Transport has selected HP to deliver big data technologies to enhance public safety and transport efficiency in New Zealand's largest city.

Auckland Transport, which is responsible for transportation infrastructure and services in the city, will deploy HP IDOL video analytics and HP's big data platform, HAVEn, to analyse multiple data types, including text, images, audio, and real-time video, HP announced.

The system will receive data from thousands of security and traffic management cameras and a network of road and environmental sensors, as well as real-time social media and news feeds.

In March, The New Zealand Herald reported that Auckland Council was moving to give Police access to a city-wide surveillance network that could in future be enhanced with facial recognition technology. The paper reported that the system could be a forerunner of a national system.

HP's announcement said the first phase of the project will focus on improving public safety using HP's Intelligent Scene Analysis system and licence plate recognition. Further down the track, this information will be linked with insights from social media.

VidSys will provide a platform that unifies the control and monitoring functions of physical security, building and traffic management, and computer-aided dispatch systems.

HP will also provide servers and storage for the project.