Audi makes Bluetooth call

The car maker has done a deal with Cambridge Silicon Radio to put Bluetooth-enabled car phones in its new models

Car maker Audi will be incorporating Bluetooth technology in some of its models from the end of this year in a bid to make life easier for drivers wanting to make hands-free mobile phone calls.

CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) will be providing the German company with its BlueCore silicon technology. The Audis will be the first cars to be offered with Bluetooth-enabled GSM car phones and cordless handsets.

The vehicles will be rolled out in countries supporting the GSM network in Europe and Asia from December 2002.

The Audi Bluetooth-enabled Telematics Control Unit (TCU) combines an embedded GSM module and an embedded Bluetooth module with powerful CPU.

The system is also equipped with an in-car rechargeable cordless Bluetooth handset which allows passengers to place and accept calls directly through the TCU Bluetooth link.

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