Augmented reality apps for the iPhone

Three must-have Augmented Reality apps for the iPhone: Layar, Wikitude and Yelp.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

Augmented Reality apps are starting to appear in the App Store and the segment has a ton of potential with the advancements in GPS and camera technologies on smartphones like the iPhone.

Augmented Reality (AR) combines real-world and computer-generated data in real-time and the apps are impressive.

Tom Hesser mentioned a few AR apps after this week's PowerPage podcast that I thought were worth mentioning here:

  • Layar Reality Browser (free, pictured) displays real-time information, such as houses for sale, shops, tourist information and concert information as pictured in the screen shot.
  • Wikitude (free) also allows you to see the world through the iPhone's camera, but overlaid with Wikipedia content.
  • Yelp (free) secretly added a new monocole feature (video demo here) which overlays their reviews in real-time over the video feed from your camera.

What are your favorite AR apps?

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