AusBBS outs unlimited NBN plans

New ISP entrant AusBBS has revealed National Broadband Network plans with unlimited data, provided users do not breach the company's acceptable use policy.

For as little as AU$90 per month, new ISP entrant Australian Broadband Services (AusBBS) is offering unlimited data on the National Broadband Network (NBN).

For AU$90 per month, customers will get unlimited data on the 25Mbps down/5Mbps up plan. For an extra AU$10 they can go up a speed tier to the 50Mbps/20Mbps service, or for an extra AU$20, they can go on the 100Mbps/40Mbps service with AusBBS.

The ISP, which positions itself as the first fully cloud-based ISP startup, was founded by several veterans of the telecommunications industry in 2012, and wholesales from a number of other telcos, including Next Gen, AAPT and Vocus to service customers on the NBN.

The organisation already has pay as you go NBN plans but AusBBS CEO Rob Appel told ZDNet that there was an opening for unlimited data plans that would suit families where there are multiple devices in the household, and keeping track of data use was an issue.

While the plan is pitched as "unlimited", in the world of telecommunications, there is no true unlimited plan, and the NBN plans will be bound by the ISP's acceptable use policy.

This means that usage that would be considered "non-ordinary" for any one household, would be seen as being in breach of the policy.

The connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) charge built in as a capacity charge on the NBN is not currently charged to ISPs,  which could potentially limit the ability for ISPs to offer true unlimited plans should the NBN ever begin charging it. Appel said that because AusBBS isn't buying services directly from NBN Co, it wasn't getting these charges directly but he could not say whether it would impact on the plans when NBN Co starts using the CVC charge.