AusCERT Tough Talk live panel

How are Australian businesses coping with BYOD, and how should they? We come up with answers in this live broadcast.

Tough Talk: BYO Disaster?

On 17 May, at 4:10pm AEST, ZDNet Australia hosted a live panel discussion from the AusCERT 2012 event held in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The panel was entitled "Tough Talk: BYO Disaster?" and dealt with the issues organisations face in coping with employees (and sometimes the boss) bringing their own devices into, what is supposed to be, a secure workspace.

Despite the incredible proliferation of mobile devices, and our increasing dependence on them, some companies are simply throwing up their hands and banning the devices. So, how should Australian businesses deal with the BYOD situation?

We talked to experts in the security field, to come up with best policies for ensuring that you're not a BYOD casualty.

The panel was moderated by ZDNet Australia's Brian Haverty, and featured guests included:

Richard Byfield, Datacom, managing director of Technical Security Services. (Credit: Datacom)

Charles Tomeo, Webroot Software, director of Systems Engineers. (Credit: Webroot Software)

Andrew Bycroft, Earthwave senior architect. (Credit: Andrew Bycroft)

Sean Doherty, Symantec, vice president and CTO, Enterprise Security Group. (Credit: Symantec)