Aussie CSP iCognition aims to grow its SaaS business

Records management specialist iCognition joined the Australia's Federal Government’s Multi Use List to position for the future, reports David Hazan.

Canberra-based cloud service provider (CSP), iCognition, founded in 2003, boasts a strong information management customer base, especially in the federal and state government sectors.

"We live in the world of information management and governance," says iCognition’s CEO Joe Mammoliti. "We are moving into the age of compliance, not only in government but also in commercial enterprises."

iCognition director Nigel Carruthers-Taylor (left) and CEO Joe Mammoliti

In addition to its own collaborative interface, known as Diem, iCognition offers design and solution implementation for HP's record management solution, TRIM, and Microsoft Sharepoint. The business also provides advisory services with "high-level strategies and scope" for record-keeping at a corporate level.

This approach has attracted a client base that currently numbers around fifty. Clients include several key federal government departments, like the Department of Defence, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, and the Department of Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry.

iCognition's IT industry partners include Microsoft, HP, Oracle, and Macquarie Telecom. The business's 23 full-time staff generated around A$6m in revenue last year.

R&D is a big focus, especially for line of business apps. Mammoliti is determined to grow the business and views governmental uptake of cloud as an opportunity. In line with that push, iCognition has developed a cloud-based Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS).

Principal, director and cloud afficionado at iCognition, Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, says joining the government's DCaaS MUL was part of a "marketing approach" in response to new trends in the government procurement process.

iCognition now has three cloud clients, two of whom came on board after the publication of the MUL, though no clients have as yet approached them through the list.

"More and more people will want to have a cloud service solution…especially smaller agencies," Carruthers-Taylor says. He emphasises that clients now want providers with servers located within their particular state or territory and iCognition already has partners who can make that happen.

While iCognition's cloud client base is small, it believes its decade's worth of experience and knowledge in information management, plus a roster of several major government clients, puts it on a secure footing for the future to win SaaS business from government agencies.