Aust, NZ IT leaders prioritise customer processes, cost reduction

According to the latest results of ZDNet's annual IT Priorities research, IT departments within businesses are placing greater emphasis on optimising processes for customers.

IT Priorities Australia New Zealand 2013

ZDNet's annual IT Priorities research study revealed that optimising business processes for customers is the number one priority for IT. Of the 1,013 respondents, 28 percent said that this is their number one priority, followed by 14 percent who said that delivering on IT SLAs (service availability and responsiveness) is their highest priority.

The survey result is a clear indication that IT initiatives are now more focused outside of the organisation than inside (only 13 percent said that internal business processes like HR and finance are a priority).

Cost management is also a major focus for IT leaders in Australia and New Zealand — 9 percent said that reducing overall business costs is the key priority, 6 percent prioritise reducing overall IT costs, and 4 percent believe reducing costs in the datacentre is most important. That's 19 percent of businesses saying that IT's primary focus is some form of cost reduction.

The findings were revealed at a CIO panel event held by ZDNet on Thursday, June 6. You can view this presentation by ZDNet's industry analyst Angus Macaskill for full details of the research findings.

Check back tomorrow for a video of the CIO panel discussion.