Australia looks at adding Facebook to phone book

The Australian government is considering whether to add social-networking details to its Integrated Public Number Database, reflecting the rise of services such as Facebook and Twitter

The Australian Federal Government's phone book of all telephone numbers could include users' social-networking details in the future, depending on the outcome of a review of the Integrated Public Number Database.

The IPND covers all Australian telephone numbers and subscriber information. Its basic functions include determining callers' locations when they dial triple-zero, and assisting law enforcement agencies in their investigations. It is also used to publish telephone books and provide directory assistance, although access to certain information in these instances is reduced.

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has recognised that the IPND is in need of a review. One of the topics for discussion is the prevalence of social media and other internet-based services, and whether it should be included as part of the IPND.

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