Australia Post settles on Telstra cloud

Australians will access new, secure digital mailboxes provided by Australia Post over Telstra's cloud.

Australia Post has decided to use Telstra's cloud to host its new Digital MailBox service, and has signed on with Telstra for a bevy of telecommunications services.

Australia Post announced earlier this year that it is planning a digital mailbox that will come in app form for mobile and laptop devices. The MailBox product will feature "bank-level security" to ensure that customers wanting to pay bills, store files and receive emails can do so safely. Australia Post said that the mailbox will be so secure that customers can store copies of their passports or tax records in the app.

Acting like a digital vault for documents, the MailBox helps users to find documents and set reminders for bill payments, which can be made online from any device.

Under a memorandum of understanding signed recently, Australia Post will offer Telstra customers access to Telstra communication documents, like account statements and bills, in the MailBox.

Australia Post said at the time that it had been thinking of hosting the MailBox on Telstra's cloud platform. Now, the decision has been made. 

"The investments Telstra has been making in network application and services, such as our $800 million investment in cloud-computing capabilities, means we are able to provide nationwide reach and secure, reliable services," Paul Geason, group managing director of Telstra Enterprise and Government, said in a statement.

Telstra will also provide a managed IP network, mobile services (including the provision of smartphones and tablets), unified communication services and service management for an IT network transformation to Australia Post.

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