Australia shuts Huawei out of national network

The Chinese company has been told not to bother bidding on contracts for Australia's National Broadband Network on the basis that will not succeed

The Australian government has reportedly banned Chinese company Huawei from tendering for National Broadband Network contracts.

On Saturday, the Australian Financial Review quoted sources saying that Huawei had been told late last year not to bother tendering for any NBN supply contracts because the company would not succeed.

"The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the largest nation-building project in Australian history, and it will become the backbone of Australia's information infrastructure," the attorney general's office said in a statement issued to ZDNet Australia. "As such, and as a strategic and significant government investment, we have a responsibility to do our utmost to protect its integrity and that of the information carried on it."

In the UK, Huawei operates a cybersecurity testing centre to certify its products for use in critical national infrastructure.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Govt banned Huawei from NBN bids on ZDNet Australia.

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